Setting Up Your Hosting Plan

The signup process with Blue Host is straightforward. When you go to the homepage, just click on the green “Sign Up Now” button to start.

Blue Host

Next, you are going to enter your new domain name in the field below where it says “I Have a Domain Name” and click the blue “Next” button.

I've entered where you should put your domain name.

Enter your domain at Blue Host

The next page will ask for your basic contact information. That page will also try to sell you other domain name extensions if they are available. Ignore that part.

I would suggest going with the 12-month package for now – you don't save much by committing to 24-months.

Also enter your credit card information and click the blue “Next” button.

Provide your contact information to Blue Host

You're almost done at this point – a confirmation will hit your email very soon.

Click on the “Create your password” link to set up your password for the account.

You've purchased your hosting account

This is where you will enter your password in two times and then click “Change Password” to make it something you can remember, instead of the default password.

Blue Host provides some good tips for setting up a password.

In short, use something with both letters and numbers, and have one or more of the letters capitalized. I like to also throw in some punctuation marks, or as they refer to as “special characters”.

Choose your Blue Host password

Now you just have to re-login with your new password.

Login at Blue Host with your new password

Our next step will be to connect your domain to your new hosting account.