Website Hosting

Now that you’ve registered a domain, it is time to set up hosting for your site.

The host is where your site will live. Just as I used GoDaddy as my example for a domain registrar, I will show you how to set up hosting with Blue Host, which is the company I used to host this site.

Blue Host

I am going to take you through six steps here:

It’s all pretty easy – just a matter of clicking, copying, and pasting. And then, before you know it, you’ll have a live site.

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  • Matt Pardo

    FYI, first sentence has a typo: The host is where your site will love (love vs. live). :)

    • Shawn Collins

      Thanks Matt – fixed. It is good to love your host, though. :)

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  • Dynaboot inc.

    Good work! Thanks for post.

    • Shawn Collins

      You’re welcome – are you in the process of setting up hosting?