Using Email to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Email marketing is an important part of your strategy to drive traffic back to your own site.

Email marketingAfter all, that whole “if you build it, they will come” thing doesn’t apply to websites.

In addition to creating content for your site, you then have to keep in touch with people who have agreed to receive updates from you via email.

I use AWeber as my email service provider for a number of reasons, including their high deliverability rate (zero tolerance for spammers), autoresponder followups, email form and newsletter templates, and their blog posts to email feature.

I will show you how I use AWeber to do the following:

These practices combine to reach people interested in the topic of my sites and continually come back to see my new content.

  • Erik Haan

    Constant Contact is another good service for email marketing!

  • Joseph Carey


    When can we exspect to see the rest of the contents. I have section 5. I would like to get started in affiliate marketing , but need some help.

    Regards: Joe (Ireland)

    • Shawn Collins

      Hey Joe –

      I should have all of the email information done this week. I’m writing it as fast as time permits. :)

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