Podcasting is a great way to reach a niche audience, and to drive traffic to your site. But wait… podcasts are audio, so how can they drive traffic?

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Well, one of the ways people listen to podcasts is by streaming them from a blog or other website.

And the posts for podcast episodes typically include podcast notes, which recap the show and include links to items mentioned on the podcast.

I use a WordPress plugin called PowerPress to incorporate podcasts into blog posts, and the plugin includes stats of where people are listening to the podcasts.

When I take a look at a sampling of podcasts on GeekCast.fm, a network of business podcasts I started years ago with Missy Ward, 75% of people are listening to the shows on the site, and the balance are using their iPods or other devices to hear the shows offline.

So anyway, is the amount of traffic from podcasts worthwhile?

Well, I've been podcasting weekly since 2006 – sometimes more than one show a week. If I wasn't seeing a benefit in doing it, I would have stopped long ago.

Check out 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven, which I record solo every week.

And have a look at GeekCast.fm to see a variety of podcasts and how they work out their podcast notes.


  1. Hi been podcasting for 9 months now and find i get new people visting my site on there mobile through my podcast

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