Extra! Extra! You can automatically create an online newspaper with Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds.

There is a free service called that enables the automated, daily, twice daily or weekly creation of a newspaper customized by you.

But why would somebody subscribe to one of these online newspapers? Well, that's up to you to assemble interesting content. will create an online newspaper based on Tweets from a single Twitter user, your Twitter account and the people you follow, a Twitter list, a Twitter # tag, keywords on Twitter, keywords on Facebook, or an RSS feed.

The benefit to you is that your content should be incorporated into the newspaper, so that it will regularly point to your affiliate site.

People can subscribe by email to a newspaper, and you can also have it auto-posted to your Twitter account.

I have used newspapers in the past based on my Twitter account and people I follow, as well as for the Twitter list of speakers for each Affiliate Summit conference.

There is an opportunity in an “Editor's Note” box in to add a note to your readers, but I've found that it's a great spot to feature some sites. Editors Note

You can add live links into that area.

I'd definitely suggest activating the option to have your newspaper to automatically post to your Twitter account, as many people mentioned in the Tweet each day will ReTweet it, which provides more exposure for you.


  1. the Shawn Collins Daily and the #ASE11 Speakers Daily have been deleted.

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