Lots's of people think of as a useful site to organize local meetups, but they also have an advertising option where you can sponsor targeted meetup groups for a small fee and drive traffic to your site.

Meetup Perks

The Meetup Perks opportunity enables you to create a compelling discount or member Perk, submit it to, and they share that Perk (upon their approval) with relevant Meetup Groups that you want to target.

You can approve or deny the groups, and you just pay $5 per month per Meetup Group that accepts your Perk.

However, and this is even better news… the price is free until further notice!

So, you're able to get targeted traffic from a set of groups, and you can choose to sponsor as many or few as you choose.

I'm currently sponsoring over 60 groups. I started with a few and scaled up, and it's worked out well for me for traffic and sales.

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