LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for driving quality traffic to an affiliate site if it is relevant to your professional life.

There is an Application Directory on LinkedIn with a variety of tools to enhance your profile.

LinkedIn Applications

There are many that can make your profile more dynamic and interesting, but the most useful LinkedIn Applications to me are those that refer people to my site(s) directly or indirectly.

The WordPress application in LinkedIn enables you to pull the RSS from a blog into your profile.

The links from the WordPress application go directly to your blog.

WordPress on LinkedIn

I like this application a lot, since it provides the excerpts and links, but it's stuck at the bottom of your profile.

The Twitter application (Tweets) is better, as it features your latest Tweet right at the top of your LinkedIn profile.

Twitter on Linked In

You can also have your Tweets included in your Activity stream, which displays on the right of your profile.

There are lots of other applications to explore and figure out ways to leverage for traffic, but I'd suggest these two at a minimum.

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  1. Fernandezcw says

    LinkedIn no longer permits the tweet integration, right? I am really bummed about this as I never post directly to my LinkedIn. How have you worked around this?


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