Google Alerts as a Content Source

In addition to using questions you receive from people to generate content, Google Alerts are also a good content source.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are emails that let you know when there are news items, blog posts, videos, etc. on a certain topic.

What you do is go to and enter search terms (words and phrases related to the topic of your site) you'd like to track.

There are some options to choose when setting up an alert.

The alert “Type” default is “Everything”, which will provide you alerts from news, blogs, realtime, video, and discussions.

“How often” enables you to choose to receive alerts as it happens, once a day, or once a week.

“Volume” gives the choice of only the best results and all results.

I typically go with all types of alerts, once a day, and only the best results.

As I receive the alerts, I will go through them and check whether any of them are targeted and interesting enough to report on with my own commentary.

In addition to providing a constant flow of content, Google Alerts also enable you to expose your audience to breaking news, as well as new and unique resources, tips, and ideas.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. You need to get a domain and hosting for your site before you start creating content.


  1. Great information and resource.

  2. How do you set up a google alert if you are in the affiliate marketing or internet marketing world? If you enter either of those words, you risk getting all the crap that is all over the web on the subjects. What is an example of a keyword you would use for your business?

    • Ashley to answer your question you can add a more targeted word to 
      affiliate marketing or internet marketing and make sure you add “quotes” around your keywords for more targeted alerts information. 

      • Yes, just like Lindsay was saying – so if you wanted to see news on all shoe affiliate programs, you could set up an alert for “shoe affiliate program”.

        • Ashley Coombe says

          I guess I’m asking about is the specific niche of affiliate marketing. What is an example of a keyword you would use for your niche? I want alerts about this niche without all of the junk that comes along with the term “affiliate marketing”. I’ve compensated by using names in the industry that I trust, and setting up alerts using their names and “affiliate marketing”, but I’m curious as to specific words you use to get alerts.

          • This tip is for affiliates of a given niche, so if they are running a blog on pro football, they might have alerts for NFL, National Football Leauge, player names, team names, etc.

            When it comes to news on affiliate marketing, I just follow the term itself.

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