Getting Code for Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs and networks typically offer a variety of ways to link to them, but two that are standard are the banner links and text links.

My example here will be to grab the code for a banner link.

The process is very similar across the various affiliate programs and networks to get the code. I am going to use the Affiliate Summit affiliate program, which is on ShareASale in this instance.

After logging into ShareASale, I then go to Links, followed by Get a Link / Banner from the top navigation bar.

Get a link at ShareASale

The next step is to click on the dropdown box on the left and select the specific merchant I want to promote. So I'll pick Affiliate Summit and then click “Refresh Report to View Below” on the right side.

Select specific merchant on ShareASale

On that screen, I click the text that reads “Get Links”.

Click get links on ShareASale

You may have noticed that my commission level is 0% here. That is so I don't earn commission from the affiliate program, since I run it.

Anyhow, then there is a menu with tabs for the various affiliate link options in this affiliate program. I'll go and click the “BANNERS” tab.

Click banners tab in ShareASale

After this page loads in, there are a variety of banners to consider. When I see the one I want, I click on it to get the code.

As I hover over it, I can see the dimensions.

click to get HTML for banner on ShareASale

At this point, I have to go highlight the code, and then copy it.

copy affiliate code from ShareASale

Now that I have copied the code for the affiliate banner, the next step is to paste it on my WordPress blog.

I want to put it in a sidebar that will show on every page of my site, so I go to the admin screen in WordPress, and then to the “Appearance” section and click on “Widget”.

From here, I'll put my mouse over “Text” in the “Available Widgets” area, click and keep my finger down to drag that widget to the “Sidebar 1” area on the right.

Then I let go of the mouse.

text widget in WordPress

This will pop open the text widget, and I will paste in my affiliate code. You can add a title to go over the banner, but I won't bother here.

After pasting the affiliate code, click Save on the widget box.

That's it – now that banner is up on my affiliate blog.

affiliate banner on my blog

Next up, I'll discuss the various types of affiliate links and how and when I use each one.