Driving Traffic to Your Website

Quality, original content is a key ingredient in a successful website, but it doesn't matter how well you write if there is nobody there to read it.

So, I am going to share the key sources for my website traffic.


There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site, and it is important to diversify, so you don't suffer if one of your traffic sources stops working out for you.

Here are the methods I leverage to drive traffic to my sites…

You will also get some traffic from the search engines, based on your content.

Back when I was going over WordPress Plugins, I mentioned Google XML Sitemaps to help search engines index your blog.

Be sure to install those plugins if you haven't done so already.


  1. Hey Shaun, just wanted to say thanks a million for some great tips. I’ve slowly been driving traffic to my site, but i hope some of the tips on this page will accelerate things a bit more! Its also nice not to read an IM blog all about cheap and nasty backlinling techniques.

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  3. Hi glad reading this but this 2015 do this still works shawn?

  4. again,, great info. Shawn, but Nafiu has a pretty good question.. WordPress has changed considerably in the last few years. I use to have approx. 15 sites up and running. But had to let them go , I am just now trying to get them up and running again. Some plug-ins are no longer available, and I wish someone would come out with a “hold your hand” walk you thru step by step course that teaches you how to set up the newer plug -ins, and how to build an opt in page, and a squeeze page.. Like there are tons of digital products out there that explain that you need to do these things, and that the money is in the list type things. And I know you should give people something for opting in to your list, But How do you deliver that to them thru your auto responder??? I’m sorry for rambling, but i have at least a million questions 🙂

    • Hi Robert –

      I go through the pages here and make updates, so the plugins I mention on the plugin page here are all current plugins I am using.

      That page also mentions the process of activating the plugins, and if you go to the sites for individual plugins, they have the specific instructions, when necessary, for those plugins. But most can simply be activated and then you can change or leave the default settings.

      Chapter 6 here details using AWeber to get opt-ins. I don’t personally use squeeze pages, as I don’t care for that approach, so i explain how I do it my way here.

  5. Good Morning, and thanks for responding so quickly Shawn.. After posting that comment last night, I found some more info. on some of the questions, But i still have a ton of stuff to read.. I am going to make this work this time around

  6. Hi Robert Thanks For You Comment,Dealing With Optin and squeeze pages and building your list,i may be a good help for you,call me on skype let me walk you through step by step, skype :nafselfmade32

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  8. Im just getting my blog off the ground I love making money online. So i figured i start and online passive income blog. learning a ton so far. Thanks for your article


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