Creating Affiliate Links

OK, so you've been working on creating content and driving traffic to your site, as well as finding out how to find affiliate programs to promote. Now it's time to get links set up.

What are affiliate links? They are pieces of code in a graphic image or piece of text on an affiliate's site that notifies the advertiser or merchant that an affiliate should be credited for the customer or visitor sent to their site.

You can get your affiliate links from either independent affiliate programs, like Amazon and eBay, or affiliate networks, such as Affiliate Window, ClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare, and ShareASale.

In the 2011 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report, where over fourteen-hundred affiliates were surveyed, we asked, “What are your preferred link types?”

As you can see, banners and text links are the two most popular.

Based on my experience as an affiliate, banners don't perform nearly as well as text links. But I would highly encourage you to test the various link types to determine what works the best for your site(s).

Here are the topics I'll be covering in this section.

One word of caution – take it slow when adding affiliate links to your site(s).

Your affiliate links should supplement your content, rather than be the focus of your pages.


  1. Nguyen Hoang Ngoc says


    Could you please let me know when you will continue these awesome topics ? Thank you so much ?

  2. wow so nice share information about Affiliate marketing thanks a lot sir.

  3. Nice share thanks

  4. for new sites, ebay and google adsense do not approve till you mature they say. Nor do CJ or click bank. You need to write one for newbies like me who find it very hard to find affiliates for new sites

    • Well, here I tell you to create a site with unique content and build an audience before you try to monetize it. That’s exactly what you need to do as a newbie. The site must be established and have people visiting regularly before you can hope to make any money from them.

  5. I know this is a bit dated, but this info is really good. Even at free affiliate sites, this type of information is surprisingly lacking and leaves the beginner not quite getting how it’s done. Thanks for keeping this up, it’s really informative.

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