NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

NetworkedBlogs is an app on Facebook that enables you to pull your RSS feed into Facebook to post automatically to your Facebook profile and/or one or more Facebook pages.

NetworkedBlogs homepage

I mentioned the service previously, but wanted to reiterate it, as it is the tool that enables Facebook to be one of my main traffic sources.

The process to create an account with NetworkedBlogs is straightforward. Just submit your blog name, url, topics covered, the language of your blog, and a description.


After you complete the registration process, simply follow the instructions from NetworkedBlogs to connect your blog to your Facebook profile and/or page(s).

This not only provides an efficiency for you, as each blog post automatically gets pushed to Facebook, but it exposes your blog to a bigger crowd.

The posts from NetworkedBlogs include the blog post headline, a summary, an image from the post if there was one, and a link to the post.

NetworkedBlogs example

They offer a free and premium version of NetworkedBlogs.

I pay for the premium option at a rate of $19.99 a month, which comes with a handful of perks, including more exposure on NetworkedBlogs and quicker pulling of feeds to get posted.

Either way, it's a useful tool, and you could always upgrade later if you thought it would make a difference to you.

Site Scrapers and Syndicators

People that use your content without permission are lousy thieves, and you should embrace them.

Wait… what?

Content thief

That's right. There is an upside to the creeps that steal your content.

They are typically too lazy to change anything, including links you've included in your posts. So any links to other parts of your site will still be there to link back to you.

Don't freak out when you see people trying to make money on your words.

Help them by selecting the option so the RSS feed displays full text, as I mentioned in chapter four: configuring WordPress.

Reading Settings in WordPress

Also, Google is taking steps to assist authors of original content to get their due credit.

Take a look at the Webmaster Tools: Authorship page for information on optimizing your site, so Google can tell that you were the content author.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Quality, original content is a key ingredient in a successful website, but it doesn't matter how well you write if there is nobody there to read it.

So, I am going to share the key sources for my website traffic.


There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site, and it is important to diversify, so you don't suffer if one of your traffic sources stops working out for you.

Here are the methods I leverage to drive traffic to my sites…

You will also get some traffic from the search engines, based on your content.

Back when I was going over WordPress Plugins, I mentioned Google XML Sitemaps to help search engines index your blog.

Be sure to install those plugins if you haven't done so already.