Register Your User Name on Social Media Sites

You've got your user name on Twitter and Facebook, which are the most important of the social media sites, but there are hundreds more that you should secure, too.

Why? Because you never know which sites will be the next Facebook or Twitter, and it's well worth your time to lock down your brand across the board for future use.

There is a really helpful service called KnowEm that enables you to search over 550 popular social networks for your user name.


After you run a search in KnowEm for your preferred user name, you'll see where it's still available or already taken, and each result has a link to register the user name (or another if it's not available).

This can take quite a while, so I'd recommend one of their paid packages to have them do all of the legwork for you.

But if you have more time than money, go and do it yourself.

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook provides the ability to create a page about a business, brand, product, etc., which is a prime opportunity for you to get your new blog posts in front of people in Facebook.

Facebook pages

Just go to the “Create a Page” section on Facebook – it's a quick and easy process.

After you've submitted the category for your page, you'll be brought to a page to get started with it.

Get Started Facebook Page

Upload your logo or some other related image for the page. Other customizing can wait, because nobody is going to be clicking “like” on your page before it has some content anyway.

Initially, you'll have a messy, long URL for your Facebook page.

Mine for the Extra Money Answer page was

You'll want a shorter URL where you can use your site name, which is hopefully the same as your Twitter name.

But you cannot customize that URL on Facebook until 25 people “Like” the page. It's the old chicken and egg thing – it's harder to promote until 25 people like it, and people won't like it until it's worth liking and you can get them there.

So go to, a community where you can get all sorts of things done for $5.

Search for Facebook likes on Fiverr. There are a bunch of people who will help you out and get the needed likes in a short time, so you can then get a custom name for your page on Facebook at

Facebook likes on Fiverr

After getting my 25 likes through somebody at Fiverr, I was able to change my user name, so I now have this url:

Also, there is a service called NetworkedBlogs, where you can connect the RSS feed from your blog to your Facebook page.

Create an account there and register your blog.


Then follow the instructions from NetworkedBlogs to connect your blog to your Facebook page.

Pretty soon, you'll have your blog posting to your Facebook page, and then you can start promoting the Facebook page from your blog, as well as to your Facebook friends.

Register Your Name on Twitter

Twitter is an important place for you to reach people with your site and your brand.

TwitterThere are all sorts of numbers out there on how many people are on Twitter, numbers of followers, ReTweets, etc.

But don't mind the statistics. More importantly, there are a lot of people there who will be willing to follow your Twitter account, and click your links to read your blog posts.

So go and register a new account in the name of your site, if possible. If your domain name is taken, try some variation of it – the shorter the better.

But pick something you really like, because this is a name you'll be using on Twitter and a bunch of other places.

I ended up getting @xtramoneyanswer for this site, because there is a limit of 15 characters.

Get the name now. I'll wait right here.


Great, you've got your Twitter name, so now what?

I have two services I would suggest you now sign up with and link to Twitter:

  • SocialOomph: lots of features, but most important are the scheduled Tweets and tracking keywords
  • TwitterFeed: hook up your Twitter account and RSS feed, so new posts automatically hit Twitter

One last thing for you to do. Create a Tweet Button, so people can help you spread the word about your Tweets.

Secure Your Social Media Names

You have your domain name for your site, which is your brand and identity.

But that's not enough. You should secure that same name with the various social media sites, too.

Social media sites

The two most important places to get your name are Facebook and Twitter.

There are literally hundreds of other social media sites that you should consider, too.

It could take a very long time to handle all the others. The good news is that I have a shortcut for you.