Affiliate Marketing Blogs and a Magazine

The landscape of affiliate blogs is frequently evolving with new people starting up and others disappearing for different career paths.


In 2012, Affiliate Summit asked conference attendees for their feedback on their favorite affiliate marketing blogs.

The top 25 affiliate marketing blogs were compiled to help affiliate marketers in their search for the latest affiliate marketing trends, resources, and advice.

Here are the Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2012 listed in alphabetical order. You can find a wealth of information on affiliate marketing from these great blogs.

  1. Ad Hustler Blog
  2. Affiliate ABCs
  3. Affiliate Marketing Blog
  4. Affiliate Marketing, Business Strategy & E-Commerce 3.0
  5. Affiliate Summit Blog
  6. | 100% Praxiswissen Affiliate Marketing
  9. AM Navigator Affiliate Marketing Blog
  10. Dukeo
  11. Eric Nagel
  12. Experience Advertising
  13. FeedFront
  14. Finch Sells
  15. Inside the Secret Life of a Super Affiliate –
  16. iPyxel Creations
  17. John Chow dot Com
  19. Marketing Gorilla
  20. Merchant ABCs
  23. Nickycakes
  25. Skimlinks Blog
  26. Tricia Meyer, Affiliate Marketer

In adding the list, I realized there were 26 blogs included. Oh well, consider that a bonus resource for you.

FeedFront MagazineAnother free affiliate marketing resource for you to check out is FeedFront Magazine.

FeedFront is the official magazine of Affiliate Summit. The magazine is dedicated to bringing ideas, resources, and opinions from Internet marketing innovators to you before your next project or venture.

That's the reasoning behind the name – you get the insight on the front end, rather than feedback after you've executed.

Articles are one-page and written by folks in the industry that actually do what they're writing about. The magazine comes out quarterly and it's free to U.S. addresses.

There are links from the FeedFront site to all of the past issues.

Subscribe to FeedFront Magazine to get it in your mailbox.


  1. Hoola!!! What an amazing list of affiliate marketing blogs…. Thank you very much…

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