Affiliate Manager is on Twitter

In the 2011 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report, where over fourteen-hundred affiliates were surveyed, we asked, “How do you most often find out about an affiliate program and then join?”, and 3% responded with “Affiliate Manager is on Twitter.”

Affiliate Manager on Twitter

I am sort of surprised by the low percentage who find affiliate programs this way, but perhaps it's because I'm more apt to follow OPMs, and I see all of their new program announcements on Twitter.

I find it helpful to not only discover affiliate programs on Twitter, because an affiliate manager is proactive there, but also it's a great too to follow affiliate programs you've joined.

The affiliate managers and affiliate programs I follow on Twitter will regularly post information on limited time coupons, special deals, etc., as well as linking to recent blog posts about the affiliate program.

Plus, it's nice to have access to an affiliate manager on Twitter for quick questions about their program(s).