Affiliate Directories

In the 2011 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report, where over fourteen-hundred affiliates were surveyed, we asked, “How do you most often find out about an affiliate program and then join?”, and 25% responded with “Affiliate Directory.”

Refer-itThe affiliate directory played a big role in my affiliate marketing history, as I worked for the first affiliate program directory, Refer-it, back in 1999-2000.

Back then, affiliate directories were a needed resource, because there were fewer ways to find affiliate programs at the time.

But now it surprises me that many affiliates still rely on the directories. I started up an affiliate directory called Affiliate Thing years ago, but killed it in 2009, because I found it to be unnecessary.

Additionally, I didn't like where they were heading with a great many of them featuring affiliate programs, because they were two-tiers (they were getting a piece of the affiliates joining under them) or the spaces on lists of the top affiliate programs were being sold.

However, affiliates are clearly still using what I consider to be the equivalent of Yellow Pages for affiliate programs.

So which is the best affiliate directory?

Well, I took a look at those ranking best in Google, and there isn't one I'd recommend for affiliates to use.

But for merchants, I'd suggest submitting your details to the affiliate directories that are ranking well, but don't pay for placement.